7BP and Arpeggios

I’m assuming that you took the time to figure out what an arpeggio is. At some point you have to. Improvising isn’t just about pentatonic scales or running scales in general. Remember, you can think of a scale as different colours in a painters pallet or one of many tools in your tool box. Chords/arpeggios naturally arise in scales. So, maybe if you dive into it a bit you might just see another tool in your box.

Arpeggios are broken chords. Its a chord you perform one note after another. These notes are the where melodies come from. They are the natural resting place for melodies. Its kind of like baseball where you have 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and of course home plate. When you are on one of these notes your safe. 

Chords can be played harmonically (notes sounding at the same time) and melodically (notes played separately). The 7BP contains positions for both of these states. Let’s explore them together.

The Ma7 Arpeggio

The major seven arpeggio (Ma7) occurs in each of the left hand positions. In this case lets look and the first degree Ma7 arpeggio.

- show all 7BP’s 

Combining/Looping Arpeggios

Remember how we linked all of our positions? Well, we can do that with are arpeggios as well.

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