The Major Scale: Part 1: Major Scale Positions

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These series of articles are going to be an introduction to the major scales for guitar players. The goal here is to know the major scales on your guitar for improvising. We can start this by learning the major scale in small chunks that are called fingering positions. There are seven basic positions (7BP). Once you know these positions, you will be able to shift and move around the fretboard. Also the goal here is to play freely all over the neck. Each of the 7BP’s have names such as Tonic, 2nd position, 3rd position, 4th position, etc. After you get to know the 7BP’s you will then be introduced to the 3-note-per-string positions (3NPS). Its going to be fun.

The following video will just give you a quick visual overview of the major scale positions and what they look like.

In the next article, you will review some basic theory and begin this journey towards scale mastery.

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