The Major Scale: Part 14: Pivoting and Linking

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Pivoting Positions

I’ve alluded to this idea of pivoting before but let me just review it again here to shed some light on some futher ideas. We ascend up the 7th degree position 3NPS until we get to the first string. At this point we descend into the 1st degree position 7BP until we reach the last note on the 6th string within the position. The example here is in Bb.

Pivoting example

Now, instead of continuing down back to the 7th degree position 3NPS using the 6th string, we can go back up the 1st position as a 7BP and then descend back into the 3NPS of the 7th degree position. Its similar to looping but not exactly.  It has more of a “V” shape repetitive pattern as opposed to the “O” circular pattern of looping.

Linking Positions (7BP & 3NPS)

Now when you establish this ablility to loop and pivot between each position you can then start to move up and down the neck systematically from one position to the next until you cover all the positions. Let me be clear: the benifit of this is that you cover both position types (7BP and 3NPS). I call this ‘linking”. Here’s an example of linking in the key of Bb (ascending only).

Bb Link Ascending the fretboard

By combining string shifting, looping, pivoting, and eventually linking, you will begin to open up the fretboard and start to see even more ideas on how to move and make the notes happen.

Practice Session

This week we do the F Major 3NPS. Don’t talk just play. Let’s practice. 


Tune in to twitch and practice live with me. We are gonna go through C, F, and Bb and cover the 3NPs. 

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