The Major Scale: Part 15: Playing Across Positions

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Across the Great Divide: Range Playing

By combining all the things that we have discussed, and practiced so far, we can start to play across more than one position. So, if you are practicing your 7BP’s, 3NPS, string shifting, loops, pivots, and linking, this next idea won’t come as a total suprise.

This next step I call Range Playing. Why? Because when we play we want to be able to cover more than two positions. To illustrate, we know that we can go from the 6th degree position to the 7th degree position by using a number of different ways. The most basic way is to use what we learned from looping/pivoting. Now, what if we want to go a bit further? How could we do that? For example, lets say we wanted to go from the 6th degree position to the 1st degree position. 

In the following video, I’ll talk about range playing and show you how you can have fun playing over backing tracks.

Practice Session/Twitch

This week we do the F Major 3NPS with a twist. What if we loop the 3NPS positions only? 

Don’t talk just play. Let’s practice.

Tune in to twitch and practice live with me. We are gonna go through C, F, and Bb as a review and range play over a backing track. 

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