The Major Scale Part 17: The Modes Part 1

Into the Modes...

Running scale positions might make you bored. Not me. I can run them all day if I had to. But, some times its good to change up your practice routine a bit to take a mental break. For the moment we have been practicing the major scales ascending and descending to reinforce the shapes of each of the positions. What else can we do to help us “lock in” the fretboard? 

Watch the following video and I’ll show you how you can connect the musical dots. We’re gonna continue our musical journey and explore the ancient lands of Greece... I mean the modes. 

That was a really bad attempt at a  joke. I know. I’m not Bert Kreischer. But, that’s what happens when you don’t know your craft. You end up sounding really bad.

So, to continue: there was a reason why we started to call the degree positions (again the left hand positions) by their modal names. The name of the game is to explore and have fun not just to practice with no aim. When you know more about what you are doing you’ll be able to unlock even more potential for fun. That I promise you.

Video topics:

  • mode formulas
  • tetra chords
  • comparing the contruction of the modes
  • single string comparisons of the modes
  • “Dark side” of the modes

Remember this is all done visually via String Author so no decoding necessary! Click on the image below!

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