The Major Scale: Part 7: The 5th Degree Position

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Music Theory: F Major Scale: 5th Degree Position

If you made it this far you’re a trooper. This week we are looking at the 5th degree position of the F Major Scale. This one is a bit akward but go through it anyway. You’ll find that over time it comes in handy in certain occasions.

As usual, we’ll start with a small review then we get right to it. Enjoy... 

Practice Sessions: F Major Scale: 3rd Degree Position

I’ve been playing with the format a bit and cleaned it up. Its tiime to practice the 3rd degree position. 

Twitch: Live Practicing and Q/A

You want to practice? You have questions? Well if you got nothing better to do then tune in on twitch. 

Saturday February 4th 2017
10 PM

Just click on the link below and follow along.

I’ll be going over all the positions this far and more. I’ll be practicing them and looking at different ways that we can have fun practicing them. 

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