The Major Scale: Part 9: The 7th Degree Position

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Music Theory: F Major Scale: 7th Degree Position

Congratulations you’ve made it to the last of the 7BP’s. Watch the video below for a basic overview of the 7th degree position.

Questions and Answers

Fill in the blanks and get the answers next week...

1. A _________ is a scale that is derived from the major scale.

2. If you take any key and go to the 6th degree you will get the starting point of the relative __________ scale.

3. The natural minor can also be called the _________ minor or ________ mode.

4. The natural minor scale sounds ______ when compared to its parent major scale.

Practice Sessions: F Major Scale: 7BP

I know its been a little long in the tooth so lets get to it. I mentioned last week about this idea of pivoting/linking the positions but before we get to that we should go through a round of position practicing. But what does this mean exactly? Well, in this practice session we are going to go through each of the 7BP for the F major scale. 

Each position will be done 10 times each slow until all positions are covered. The objective here is to build some endurance and concentration. You don’t have to play all the way through. Take breaks when needed.

I think I broke my concentration at least 3 times if not more in this 40 minute session.

 How long can you go? What do you say? You feel like practicing? Let do it.

Twitch: Live Practicing and Q/A

You want to practice? You have questions? Well if you got nothing better to do then tune in on twitch. 

Saturday February 18th 2017
10 PM

Just click on the link below and follow along.

All the positions have been covered in the music theory videos from the Tonic/1st Degree to the 7th Degree Position. We’ve covered the F major scale so let’s cover the key of C major. This coming Live Practice Session will go through the following:

C Major

  • Tonic/1st Degree Position
  • 2nd Degree Position
  • 3rd Degree Position
  • 4th Degree Position
  • 5th Degree Position
  • 6th Degree Position
  • 7th Degree Position
  • Jam

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